Super Cute Skirts for UNDER $20 at Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale

The Deal: Get Super cute skirts for under $20 at the Nordstrom’s Half Yearly Sale

The Lowdown:Usually $20 at Nordstrom gets you a bagel and a cup coffee (maybe), however during the store’s Half Yearly Sale you can trade the carbs for a skirt. We found several cute, junior sized skirts, for 50% off, bringing the total price of the skirts o less than $20 (some less than $13). You can have your skirt and eat, too! Check out our picks below.

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Our Picks:


1. Frenchi® Faux Button Skirt (Juniors), was $34, now $16.90
2. Necessary Objects Exposed Zip Skirt (Juniors), was $38, now $18.90
3. Mimi Chica Exposed Zip Bubble Skirt (Juniors), was $28, now $13.90
4. Frenchi® Challis Skirt (Juniors), was $26, now $12.90

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honestly all of the cheap skirts arnt cute at all!!!!!! where can u find cute skirts that are in style but are cheap this is crap!!!!!!

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