Cozy Up in Cute Socks

I’m a big sock-wearer.  I wear them while making coffee, after stepping out of the shower and even to bed.  I love to cozy up in cute socks, so I always make sure I have a drawer full of fun styles.  Gym socks?  Nope.  Fun, aloe-infused ones?  Yes!

There’s just something comfy and casual about scooting around the house in cute socks.  They’re perfect for lazy weekends and because there are so many styles, they work all throughout the year.  I go for fluffy, aloe-infused ones in the colder months and thinner, ankle-length socks during warmer days.  Yes, I even wear them in the summer: after a day of wearing open-toed heels, there’s nothing my feet love more than being wrapped up in coziness at the end of the day.

Get Your Cozy On with these Cute Socks

From pastel colored Mary Jane-style socks to ones that let us embrace our inner super hero, here are a few styles that caught my eye.

What do you think about these socks?  Leave a note in the comment section below.



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