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Covered Bulletin Boards: DIY

If you work from home it’s important to surround yourself with colorful, inspiring objects. For one it gets you fired up to get going and secondly it reminds you that you’re not in the traditional office surroundings of Dunder Mifflin. A bulletin board can also serve as a way for you to organize you family’s schedules, your appointments and more. Bulletin boards can take the clutter off your counter and into your eyesight. The boring brown bulletin board is a necessity for taking up all those important docs, but it can also be an objet d’art with a little creativity.

Covering a bulletin board in fabric is a simple project that can transform a room. In May’s Domino magazine designer Stephen Shubel’s office is featured with a series of bulletin boards covered in clean white. Our office, pictured below has a huge wall where one bulletin board became the room’s graphic focal point with a long stretch of Marimekko fabric. We splurged on this for the happy print and found similar designs like on sale online at Kiitos. We found cheaper deals with the same funky and retro appeal at Any fabric from linen to denim will work depending on the look you’re after.

Covered Bulletin Board

What you need:

Bulletin Board (we used a 3′ x 2′ from Staples)
1 yard fabric, ironed smooth
1 roll quilt batting
Ribbon (optional)


  1. Roll out batting on a smooth, sturdy surface.
  2. Place bulletin board face down, centered over the batting.
  3. Wrap the edges of batting over all sides of the board until taught, stapling the sides and corners on the back of the board’s wooden frame.
  4. Place fabric face down on the same surface and repeat process over the batting, stapling in place on the backside.
  5. Optional: pull ribbons diagonally across board one at a time in both directions, securing with staples in the back. This creates a crisscross effect if you want to use the board mainly for photos and postcards to tuck inside. For more detail, check out Martha Stewart Living, where we found this oversized example below.

Warning: Your final product may be so stunning you refuse to tack up those anything to do with work—don’t blame us!

Do you have any fabulous bulletin board ideas? Let us know in the comments below.

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