Cover Girl Trublend Microminerals Bronzer

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What: Angela warms up with Cover Girl Trublend Microminerals Bronzer

The Lowdown: Last year at about this time, mineral make-up was making its mark in the beauty aisle, and since then—even though the hype has died down—mineral products have become a regular feature in just about every drugstore make-up line.

Summer, of course, ‘tis the season for bronzer—so we decided to give Cover Girl’s Trublend Microminerals bronzer a test run. The claims aren’t fancy or over-the-top, which we dig, actually; the product only promises a “natural sun-kissed glow for a luminous look.” Minerals in general, of course, are purported to be better for the skin and long-wearing, so we’d expect that as well.

My first impression? Not bad, particularly when I popped off the handy applicator brush (one thing I’ve noticed recently is that the brushes that come with products are improving—this one is full, soft, and really decent quality on the whole). The bronzer itself? A fine powder, which went on evenly and in reasonably soft layers (meaning no big ugly streak on the first stroke). Warm glow? Yes. Luminous? Actually, yeah – this product has a little sparkle to it (but never fear—it’s not enough to make you feel like a Club Kid). Long-wearing? Eh. Not remarkable, but long enough that I didn’t feel cheated.

The only downside? The only color available—Natural Bronze—is a bit on the dark side. I have an olive complexion, so it worked well on my skin, but I’m not sure it will translate well to every skin tone.

The Verdict: Yea. I still like my Physician’s Formula Organic 2-in-1 Bronzer and Blush better, but for a slightly more inexpensive option, this one’s not bad.

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