Couturious: Online Shopping Meets Online Styling

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Update: It appears that Couturious is very similar to the site  We’re contacting the folks behind both sites to get their response.

What: Yesterday we got an exclusive peek at Couturious , a new social shopping/discover service by the folks behind It’s like an online version of the old skool activity of dressing paper dolls.

Our Thoughts: While we’re not a fan of the name (its a combination of couture and curious, imagine trying to say it say six times real fast and let’s not even get into the question of spelling), we’re big fans of what it does. First you select a model and then select pieces to try on the model from a variety of top designers like Tory Burch, TIBI, and Charlotte Ronson, by dragging pieces of clothing to your model. Ok.. got it..

But what’s REALLY cool is that you can actually style the pieces on the model. Like untucking their shirts, adding a cool belt, even being able to see what the outfit looks like from the back, which makes this our new favorite place to procrastinate.

We know what you’re thinking… sure that Cynthia Rowley dress looks good on the size 2 model- but what about me? Don’t be too shocked at the lack of diversity in both skin color and size of the models, according to Munjal Shah, CEO, of the parent company of Couturious, assures us that it is coming. We also think the ability to upload and dress a full body picture of ourselves should definitely be in the works. Imagine being able to virtually style photos of ourselves…. Love it.

Good luck to you Couturious, we’ll be keeping an eye on you.

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  • Sarah

    I love the idea of being able to upload a picture of ourselves and dress it. I am in very good shape but short waisted is short waisted and there is no getting rid of that. Models always tend to be long waisted. I cannot compare myself to what looks good on them since I am less than average height (for my generation) & short waisted. I was wondering, Kathyrn, if you could post some very warm long cardis that would look good on my frame. Most cardis rec. for us are shear so we do not look buried in fabric and I am always cold esp. in air conditioning.

  • apricotmuffins

    Its a ripoff off, which has been around and been doing the fashion digital paperdoll thing a lot better than couturious. you should look, and see. also did a style studio for the H&M website.

  • Nora

    This is just a copy of my favorite but so ugly. Check my looks at looklet: