Comfortable Shoes on an Extreme Budget

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Dear Budget Fashionista,

I have a question! I’m a college senior about to embark on interviews, then hopefully a job – even a career if I’m lucky. 😉 I live in tennis shoes with arch supports in them because I have really bad feet, and so far I have barely found any nice, adult-looking shoes that I
can wear with slacks or skirts. I’m on a extreme budget, do you have any ideas?

Answer: You have two options:

– Head to to store like DSW Shoewarehouse or online at and purchase a pair of plain black pumps from a brand like Naturalizers or Aerosoles, which will run you about $30-$50. Take these shoes to your local shoe repair or cobbler (look online at site like Yelp for one near you).


– Save your money and purchase an expensive pair (we’re talking $100+) of black pumps from a more stylish comfort brand like Dansko, Clarks, Taryn by Taryn Rose or Campers.


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  • mcducky

    I have had luck with the brand Tsubo.  They are stylish and comfortable.

  • chytwngurl

    Hi, I also have some problems with my feet and back, but I usually where the Born shoes usually found at DSW at reasonable prices. Might I also, direct you to where there are many styles, the prices vary, but you should be able to find something you’re looking for in the more adult comfort line.

  • Target-Addict

    I agree with the previous poster, ACoon: Aerosoles are the best.  I’ve tried the really expensive so-called comfort brands, and they’ve only caused me more problems.  Mephisto’s gave me blisters, and both Taryn Rose and Anyi Lu—although very stylish—leave my feet aching by the end of the day because they simply do not have enough padding under the footbed. You can find Aerosoles at lots of department stores, as well as online at their website and on

  • ACoon

    I have terrible back pain, and it doesn’t help that as a teacher, I’m on my feet all day!  I’ve tried everything… including several $250 pairs of Cole Haans with the Nike Air insoles… and nothing helps like Aerosoles.  They have a line of shoes at Kohls, called A2.  Some of the shoes are really cute, and you can get them for as little as $20 when they are on sale.  Also, I find that ballet flats with arch support insoles are always comfortable, no matter how cheap they are.