Call for Help: Shopping in Columbus, OH

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Ayesha recently moved to Columbus, OH and needs our help.. Here’s a copy of her email:

I just moved to Ohio for my first job, and I was wondering if you had any shopping favorites in the Columbus area.  Any store references, shopping tips, and vintage/thrifting leads would be greatly appreciated!

If you guys have any tips. shopping spots, etc for Ayesha, please post them in the comment section below

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  • Lindsay

    If you are still interested… I live in columbus and i love easton towne center, the parking is free in the garages and the meters on the street charge but the money goes to charity. I also like polaris but be warned that the sales tax there is much higher than at easton or tuttle. I also love Filene’s basement and Plato’s closet on Henderson for bargains. Good Luck

  • Melissa

    There are a lot of great places to shop.  If you are looking for second hand try Red Planet X off of Olentangy, Rag O Rama on High Street, Goodwill on High Street (trust me lots of good finds), and Platos Closet. Try going down to the campus area (OSU) and drive around.  I find different stores all the time that are unique and fun to shop.

    There isn’t a Gabriel Brothers in Columbus, but there is one in Zanesville which is only about 2 hours south of Columbus. 

    If you want the traditional mall thing try Tuttle Crossing, Polaris, or Easton.  City Center is pretty much bare and not really worth the trip unless you are already downtown.  I also like Schottensteins off of Wilson where you can find a lot of American Eagle and Baby Phat clothes.

  • sloan

    I use to live in Columbus about 5 years ago and love Schottensteins off Morse.

  • Marti

    Try the Emperor’s Newest Clothes in Grandview.  Michelle (the owner) gets in great stuff to this tiny, fun boutique where the styles change constantly and the music is awesome.  She has really new styles for reasonable prices.  No returns, though, so only buy what you love!  Good luck!

  • You can find a lot of good news/tips for Columbus Shopping here:

    Good luck! ^_^

  • pamela

    I live right outside of Columbus and shop in that area quite often.  I like Easton Towne Center, Polaris, Tuttle Crossing and Filene’s Basement/DSW.  The campus area, as already mentioned, is a great place to shop, walk, have coffee and mingle.  I always seem to have great luck at Filene’s.  You just need to really have some time to browse and look.  I just got a wool, houndstooth pencil skirt, Donna Karan cardigan and a wool houndstooth blazer all for under 80.00 on my last trip…

  • Kim

    Easton, Easton, Easton.  I love the place.  Also, just this past weekend, I visited the Jeffersonville Prime Outlets (about 45 minutes on I-71 south) and found some amazing deals.

    Welcome to the area! 🙂

  • TJ

    Hi Ayesha! I live in Columbus and can make a few recommendations: Easton Town Center is a nice spot.  It’s an outdoor mall with a lot of options and a few really nice restaurants. Polaris Mall is also great and has a more high end selection. If; however, you are looking for something a little different, I would recommend the Short North and/or OSU campus area. Stay close to High Street and enjoy smaller shops, great bars and art galleries. Parking is sometimes difficult, but once you find a spot you can walk up one side of the street and down the other-just make sure you take a friend if it’s after dark. Enjoy & good luck!

  • JG

    Hit Easton Towne Center and Polaris Fashion Center for indoor/outdoor mall shopping. There are very few clothing shops labeled as “vintage” in Columbus, but you might try Grandview and Westerville or look for “consignment” shops.

  • I add my recommendation of Easton Towne Center.  It has a lot of different stores than your regular mall.  Also, Polaris Mall is good.  Both have been mentioned above, but I just wanted to put in a quick recommendation for Filene’s Basement.  It’s off 161 near Sawmill Road.  I get a lot of work clothes there, and there is a DSW (shoes) in the store itself.  I’m always really happy with the selection and the price.

    Welcome to Columbus!

  • Dia

    Easton Town Center off I-270 on the northeast side, or Polaris Fashion Center north of I-270 off I-71.  Both have a large variety of stores.  H&M is at Tuttle Mall (northwest, again off I-270).  If you’re looking for outlet shopping, go south on I-71 for 45 minutes to Prime Outlets. Happy shopping!

  • carrie

    There is a chain in Ohio (and I think a few other mid-western states) called Gabriel Brothers.  I’m sure there’s probably one in/around Columbus.  You have to pick through the items because sometimes they are ripped or otherwise damaged, but you can find some fantastic deals there on great brand names.

  • Terri

    Try One More Time, 1521 W 5th Ave.  It’s a consigner, so the designer clothes are clearly identified (and priced up). They are well organized and well stocked, and I rarely find an item that showed any wear.  5th Ave between Riverside and Grandview has a few other resale shops, and Grandview ave has a number of cute little boutiques for new clothes.

  • GPhiDoll

    When I lived in Pittsburgh, I visited Columbus, OH many times. My friends and I frequented the Mall at Tuttle Crossing, City Center, and Easton Town Center.
    Tuttle is on the West side of Columbus, off of 270. Great shops!!! It’s a great place to go when OSU has a football game.

    City Center is downtown and is connected to a hotel. It is a bit tricky to find the entrance and gets extremely crowded on OSU game days. Men are crowded around big screen TVs, kids are in the playing areas, while the women are shopping.

    Easton is on the East side of Columbus off of 270. It is an outdoor mall with the same stores as an indoor mall. Parking can be a pain in the garage(s).

    I have not been to Columbus in 6-7 years, but these were my favorites in the late 90s. Hope this helps.