Site I Like: Coco Myles

So you’re watching Joan Rivers and her clone/daughter Melissa, interview celebrities on the red carpet. Celeb after celeb parades down the red carpet wearing the most fabulous dresses you’ve ever seen You say to yourself “Gee, it would be great to be able to rock that Mila Kunis dress, but I’m broke

Lucky for you, there’s Coco Myles

I love sites that allow me to customize products to my own personal style, so it’s not a surprise that I like Coco Myles. The company takes what other companies like ABS Allen Schwartz, the company known for knocking off red carpet looks, do to a higher level by allowing you to tweak celebrity looks to your own preference and for less than half the price. Customers can select a dress from either their Celebrity Inspired Collection or their more basic collection, chose the color of the dress from over 10 colors and add extras like a sash and/or a shawl, all for under $150, much cheaper than a dress from ABS.

Another reason you’ll love this site—the entire collection is available in sizes 2 to 32, which makes this the PERFECT site for those looking for stylish bridesmaid dresses, a dress to wear to a winter wedding, a prom dress, or a dress to wear to your office’s holiday bash!

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