Learn More About Your Clothes: Clothing Terminology, Symbols on Tags, International Sizes

In case you missed it: ever feel like clothing terminology is all gobbledygook?  What do all the technical terms, symbols and numbers mean? Learn a little more about the clothes you own, so you can put a name to your favorite style top, understand how to take care of your best silks, and more.

Clothing Symbol Tips

America, France, the UK, Japan and Italy all use different numbers to identify sizes, and there are three different shoe size charts across the globe.  We posted our own version of the International Size Conversion Chart – simplified.

Need the perfect word to describe your favorite top?  Maybe its a chemise, jewel neck top, surplice top, or tunic.  What’s a column skirt, or a bouffant gown?  Check out our huge glossary of different style tops, and different style bottoms.

Don’t be puzzled by the symbols on your clothing tag: we have a cool link to a guide to common household and drycleaning symbols.


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