Christian Siriano for Payless Spring 11 Collection Unveiled at NY Fashion Week

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What: Payless recently unveiled their Christian Siriano for Payless shoe collection at the designer’s Spring ’11 runway show at New York Fashion Week. The collection is designed to match Siriano’s ready-to-wear line that is inspired by the elegance and opulence of African, Indian and Chinese culture. The names for each pair of shoes in Siriano’s Payless collection is inspired by international cities in each region: Shanghi with its heavy Chinese influence; Mumbai inspired by Buddhist temple architecture; Nairobi heavily influenced by the neckpieces worn by the women of the Padaung tribe of Southeast Asia; and Zanzi, a bootie that features strong African influences. What They Say:

“My runway shoes for Spring ‘11 meld cultural influences from Africa, India and China together into a single design aesthetic. Since the apparel for Spring is very feminine and pretty, I really wanted the shoes to form a harder, edgier contrast. I love working with the Payless team — we design powerful shoes with great impact for the runway and then together create fabulous designer shoes that embody my runway inspirations and details — a collection of unique and wearable designs for today’s modern woman.”

What We Say: We like Christian. We really think he is amazingly talented and we give Payless “mad props” for trying to up their game. However, we don’t know a single person who owns a pair of Christian Siriano for Payless Shoes (if you do, PLEASE COMMENT BELOW). We’ve tried them on a couple of times and, frankly, they’re not comfortable (estimated time to bunion when wearing the shoes: less than 1 week).

Christian Siriano For Payless

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  • Melody

    I own a pair of his shoes. The Royalty Satin flats. While they are gorgeous and I love them, but they are incredibly uncomfortable. And these are flats! I can barely wear them for a full hour before my toes start throbbing. I was really disappointed. When I saw them in the store I fell in love and had to have them. I’ve been looking for nice dressy comfortable flats for a very long time. Comfortable they are not. Now they are sitting in my closet and I don’t know what to do with them. Really disappointing.

  • Maura

    I have a pair of Christian/Payless shoes– they’re slip-on sneakers, though.

  • I own 3 pairs of Christians shoes from his spring 2010 collection and wish I could have got my hands on a pair of his Talon heels. They cleared the shelves in every Payless within driving distance and the competition for a pair on Ebay was too fierce for me! They went for around $150++ except in my size (7 1/2) and then the winning bid was in the $200 range.
    Love his shoes, his bags and his Victoria Secret makeup line. It is amazing that he’s offered such affordable lines so those of us who will most likely never afford his true work can still feel special.