Site I Like: Provides Modish Style at a Reasonable Price

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There’s finally a store for fashionistas who, whether by personal choice or religious necessity, need modest, but trendy, clothing options. has clothing that is made specifically for the “empowered traditionalists”, women who want “modish” (a combination of the terms “modest” and “stylish”) clothing options that show that style and conservativism is not mutually exclusive.  The site features reasonably priced (under $40)  basics like jeans and more conservative versions of some of this season’s trends like baby doll tunics and polka dot dresses in mostly junior sizes.

I’m not a conservative dresser, but I can totally appreciate what the folks at Christa-Taylor are trying to do and I like the fact that they actually styled the outfits with real models, rather than insulting their costumers by showing dowdy people wearing conservative clothing.

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  • Mrs. Udom

    Not affordable anymore though. Christa Taylor moved her production stateside (doing her part to help the economy) and chose to use premium fabrics from italy which is makes for top-quality pieces, but also makes prices that normal (or budget-minded) young ladies simply can’t afford. Too bad, I really liked her stuff, but on a military family budget $160 on a single dress is way too much. If you can afford it she makes beautiful dresses, very retro and chic.

  • pselah1029

    Yes, modest fashion is on the move! I totally like Sierra Brooke. They are also a modest yet stylish women’s and girls clothing site that offers cute stuff at affordable prices! They have a nice selection of Fall dresses that any women can feel chic and feminine in. Check it out!

  • M.perez

    Op that dress is very pretty but the shoes is in the old fashion style. I can wear that for the next spring season.

  • lise.charmel

    ahahah, I also noticed the shoes 🙂
    I like the idea. I am not modest at all, but clothes like the one in the picture actually dress better than extravagant ones for which you need a perfect body.
    Though in Italy we do not have such a brand I think you can find a good variety of styles in shops like Zara or Promod

  • e

    i really like it!!!!!!!!!! my religon (mormonisim) is quite modest, sad long summer skirts are always welcome! i can wear pants, and would like to see pants on the site! it gets 5/5 for being fashionable for teens and well priced! i cant tell if they ship to Canada tho?

  • mei

    Suz, I’m with you. The t-shirts under tanks aren’t doing it for me.

  • sherrie

    The site is OK, but just that..
    especially the “swimsuit”, what was she thinking?

    has anyone tried ?
    they have great modest clothes!


  • ab

    that is 100% correct TBF, also pants are darn hot in the summer!

  • TBF

    Pant are frown upon in many religions.

  • suz

    What’s so modest about those clothes? Short sleeves and knee-length dresses and just a LITTLE bit of chest/cleavage showing? No pants at all? (Wouldn’t trousers cover more of the leg than most of the skirts they sell?.) Tee shirts under the same strappy tunic that’s for sale everywhere?

    It’s an interesting idea but I don’t think the site has it right and I don’t see anything unique there other than the bathing suit.

  • Heather

    Thanks for posting about modest fashion!  Some of us like to be covered up and not give it all away.  Some other great sites to check out are and

  • coco

    i totally loved this site and found a cute trench dress that i can wear to work.  its really hard to find dresses for a business casual office, and its not like i am modest at all.

  • Honey

    The dress is cute, I do not know if the dress is wrong for the model or if the model is wrong for the dress, it is not flattering on her at all. The shoe subject has been touched on by others no need to mention it again.

  • Ranita

    I think this is great!  Sometimes I wonder why a 40+ wants to dress like her teenager.  I often find the teenager wishes her own mother would dress more conservatively.  Ask my sons, they would be embarrassed if I wore what I often see presented in some magazines for my crowd of 40-50+.  It seems some people are clueless.  Ask some of the Personnel Directors what they see coming in to an interview.  It can be surprising.

  • I consider myself a stylish, modest woman; however, there’s nothing on the Christa-Taylor site I’d buy. You’re right … modesty exists within a religious and social context … and even among modest dressers, there is a diversity of fashion opinions. For me, I think it’s a good effort; yet doesn’t quite hit the style mark. Check out my blog at for a more contemporary spin on dressing modestly. Tell me what you think! Thanks Kathyrn!

  • Wow! I like the idea of fashionable yet modest clothing. I live in a Brooklyn neighborhood where there are two very strong orthodox religions, and the women stay covered up from head to ankle. During my first summer in this neighborhood, I wore a pair of shorts (to the knee) and a tank top and was looked at as though I was a hooker soliciting children. Out of respect to the neighbors and for my own personal comfort, I try not to show so much flesh.

    I also work in a field which requires a certain amount of conservative dressing although there is not strict dress code. Most conservative clothing is stuffy, boring, or of the bland polo shirt & khaki pants variety. I’m glad there is a store that is making it stylish.

    P.S.: I used to wear clunky shoes like that in college when it was all the rage. I kind of miss them—I used to have a pair with a foldover flap on the front that resembled “pilgrim” shoes.

  • TBF

    The shoes.. umm no… but the concept is brilliant and offers a solid option that says you can be stylish and conservative

  • i think this dress is really cute, i would NEVER wear those shoes with it though 🙂

  • Judy

    WOW…thanks for this Kathryn!

    I was unaware that there was a modesty clothing movement among conservative thinkers.  Goes to show just how broad the range of choices women have today…though paradoxically I think that the modesty advocates think there is TOO MUCH choice I say to each his own.  I really appreciate that you bring thought-provoking sites like this and the Brown Dress Project to the attention of your readers.