Site I Like: Provides Modish Style at a Reasonable Price

There’s finally a store for fashionistas who, whether by personal choice or religious necessity, need modest, but trendy, clothing options. has clothing that is made specifically for the “empowered traditionalists”, women who want “modish” (a combination of the terms “modest” and “stylish”) clothing options that show that style and conservativism is not mutually exclusive.  The site features reasonably priced (under $40)  basics like jeans and more conservative versions of some of this season’s trends like baby doll tunics and polka dot dresses in mostly junior sizes.
I’m not a conservative dresser, but I can totally appreciate what the folks at Christa-Taylor are trying to do and I like the fact that they actually styled the outfits with real models, rather than insulting their costumers by showing dowdy people wearing conservative clothing.


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