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Chemisettes by Anne: Product Review

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What: Angela slips on a Chemisette by Anne in place of her usual cami …

The Lowdown: What exactly is a “chemisette” you ask? Well, according to the packaging, it’s “an ideal lingerie alternative” to the camis and tank tops (and I’d even add shells) that we usually wear under blouses, jackets, and other low cut tops for a little extra coverage and/or interest. It’s a really simple idea, but the ingenious (and yet, also simple) part is how you attach it—with an elastic-and-button-deal that you wrap around your bra straps. Why didn’t we think of this? We’ll never know.

I admit, when I first saw this product, I was reminded of an elderly woman in my family (I decline to mention who) that would safety-pin a handkerchief or some similar scrap of random fabric into the front of her dress to achieve the same effect. Not exactly high fashion. But after trying the chemisette out, I think I’m sold. It’s easy to attach, is substantial, and stays put (unlike the aforementioned handkerchief, on all counts). This time of year it’s especially welcome, as in many locales (I live in St. Louis, for example, which can get a little steamy come July) warmer weather means layering is just SO not desirable. My only complaint? Maybe it’s just my bra, but mine sat a little higher than I would like overall and was a teeny bit scratchy, but it could just be the lace-trimmed style I tried . . .

Verdict: Yea. For $7-9, the Chemisette by Anne is lightweight alternative to wearing a full tank, comes in lots of colors and fabrics, and lives up to its promises. However, if you’re a sewer, you could probably make a version for yourself for free

Anne Frey

Tuesday 16th of February 2010

Thanks for your great review and kind comments. Since it's inception, the elastic loops on the chemisette have been lengthened so they can now be placed at various heights on the bra straps. They can now be worn as high or as low as preferred - and still stay in place. We also took note of scratchy laces and discontinued all of those styles. We are constantly on the lookout for and testing ways to improve our product, through fabrics, sizing, and more. We hope women will save themselves the trouble of making one for themselves and support this women-owned business. Without our great customers, we are nothing! Anne, owner/designer, Chemisettes by Anne


Thursday 4th of February 2010

Chemisettes by Anne: Product Review - via @twitoaster

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