Will Cheep Actually Help you Get Cheap?

The premise of Get Cheep is simple and reminds us of a lot of mobile apps we’ve reviewed and/or read about. You download a little browser plug-in that recognizes when you’re shopping and pops down to display the best price of the item you’re looking at and where you can find it.

Our Review: They’ve indexed, according to their About page, nearly 200 of the biggest retailers, which means not every single site you ever go on will be recognized. However, we tested a bunch of places we normally shop like Nordstrom, Best Buy, Amazon, E-Bay and they all worked with this plug-in.

What we do like about Get Cheep is that the plug-in is fairly unobtrusive. It is invisible until you’re shopping and then slides down, but isn’t in your way. As far as the actual benefit of this plug-in goes – we’re unsure.

Here’s the scoop: We think this pop-down bar will go mostly ignored if you actually download it. When we used it, whilst browsing at the stores mentioned above, all the app did was confirm we were looking at the lowest price item. So, sure, we got peace of mind and to say “Yay, we know just where to shop,” but really, nothing else. We also like finding the best deal on the web and tend to trust ourselves more than anyone else to do so. How can I guarantee this pop-down has found the best deal for me? Even if Get Cheep actually has, I might just do a little surfing on my own.

Lastly, part of Get Cheep’s shtick is that you can utilize the wonderful, oh-so-popular world of social networking, but how many of these can one person handle? We’re cool with Facebook and Twitter and we do not need yet another site on which to stalk our friends, especially if all we’re seeing is that they were looking at buying Legally Blonde 2: Red White and Blonde, but decided against it.

Verdict: Take it or leave it. If you want the peace of mind go for it – the plug-in won’t bug you much. If you are seasoned budget shoppers like us, forget it.


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