Small Space Furniture for $34.99 and Up: The Look for Less

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Decorating a small space isn’t about cramming in as many pieces of furniture as possible. Rather, using some decorating tips that fool the eye can make your home feel larger. If you are a renter and aren’t able to make any cosmetic changes to your place, rest easy that some conscious furniture choices can make a huge difference (no demo work required!).

See-through glass tables and desks are almost invisible to the naked eye, which makes them perfect for smaller spaces because they do not appear to take up any space visually. A glass corner workstation such as this one ($99.99, above) from Big Lots is just the right size to get your work done, yet doesn’t seem to take up as much space in the room as a wood or metal desk would.

Cheap Small Space Furniture for Decorating Homes

Negative Space

Playing with negative space any chance you get is another way to open up your space. A pierced bookcase like the Expedit from Ikea ($89.99) can be used to separate different areas of your home without making them feel so closed off.

Light Scale

Be sure to choose the right scale of furniture for your home. Bulky furniture belongs in grander homes while smaller, thinner furniture pieces should adorn smaller spaces. That means lighter scale pieces that take up less space — like this Agen chair ($34.99) from Ikea — serve their purpose, and leave you with much more room. This can also apply to other objects — from accessories to lighting fixtures.

Another helpful trick when furniture shopping is to make pieces like beds and sofas that take up the most space match the color of your walls because everything will appear to be one, and, make your home feel more spacious.

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