5 Cheap Gym Beauty Items That Don’t Stink

Locker rooms are not the most conducive environments for a full-on beauty routine (unless an elbow in the face is somehow discovered to be anti-aging). That doesn’t mean you should abandon routine altogether, because while working out is great for your body it can be murder on your skin and hair. So if you don’t have time to head home after your workout before heading to your next destination, here are five budget beauty items you’ll want to consider making gym-bag staples. (Quick Tip — save yourself the disaster of leaking products by always carrying liquids in ziplock baggies).

Budget Beauty Products for the Gym

Budget Gym Beauty Items

1. Dry Shampoo. While actually showering is always ideal, sometimes a lunch-hour schedule doesn’t allow for it, so dry shampoo is the way to go. Get one on the cheap with Tresemme’s Fresh Start Dry Shampoo, $3.49 at Walgreens

2. Facewash. After a workout, you’ll want something both gentle and exfoliating to get rid of those impurities but leave your skin make-up ready. L’Oreal Advanced RevitaLift Radiant Smoothing Cream Cleanser works for us, only $6.02-$6.99 at most drugstores and big box.

3. Heavy duty antiperspirant/deodorant. We like Mitchum SmartSolid Clinical Strength, $4.99, Walgreens.

Budget Gym Beauty Items

4. Tinted moisturizer with SPF. Skip a step by combining moisturizing and evening out your skin tone in one product — like Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer Tinted Moisturizer, $11.49 at Drugstore.com.

5. Lip balm. We’re not talking the waxy stuff — think glossy and super moisturizing. Angela swears by Nivea Lip Care products, especially A Kiss of Shimmer which gives you moisture and a little color on the go, for under 3 bucks.

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