How To: Cheap and Impressive Easter Decorations

One of my fondest childhood memories is of Easter. I believed in the bunny, and when I woke up I was greeted by a scatter of jelly beans leading a trail across my bedroom door. Following the beans, I was led down the hall and out on to our front porch, down the stairs and all the way to our big front yard oak tree where I found a whole pile of jelly beans – and my Easter basket. So, whether it’s for tradition or reminisce, I’m always on the lookout for fun, cheap, and impressive ways to decorate for Easter. Here’s what I’ll do this year.

Affordable Great Easter Decoration Ideas!

1. Bunny Cake: Every celebration needs dessert. And this one, you can make from scratch or use a box-mix – just don’t forget to buy the candy and frosting you’ll need to add the features. My favorite DIY bunny cake requires just two 9-inch circle layer cakes and an eye for tracing. Check out the step-by-step here.

2. Blow-Out Eggs: I hate hard-boiled eggs, so the only way I’ll ever decorate easter eggs is if they are cookies or if they are “blown out,” a technique that leaves your eggs stenchless and timeless. Here is how Martha Stewart does it!

3. Cookies: I love decorating cookies, no matter what season or what time of year. Easter is a fun and easy time of year because “the egg” is the easiest shape to create, even if you don’t have a cookie cutter. I love buying pre-made sugar cookie dough, cutting it in to “eggs,” and then decorating them as if they were real eggs. Here is a great how-to for making your own template!

4. ChalkBoard Eggs: Brilliant. I love chalkboard paint in general, but using it to paint easter eggs? Quite possibly the best idea I’ve seen in a while on pinterest. Chalkboard paint is usually available at your local hardware store (my local Osh has it in stock). Check it out here!

5. Flowers: Yes, abundant and perfect for any Easter decor. But have you considered filling the vase with jellybeans? Or that faux green grass and mini chocolate eggs? Opting for a glass vase is a must.

What are your own great Easter decoration ideas?