How to Get A $100 Facelift

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What: Non surgical face lifts done at your local hair salon as seen on that pillar of news television, Access Hollywood.

How: The tension from four, tightly braided and strategically placed small cornrows (near temple, near brow),  “lifts” the area around your cheeks, eyes and forehead.

What the fashion heads say: $100 for a non-surgical facelift is a steal. Madonna uses this technique.

What I say: Anyone who has ever had cornrows/weaves/or a heavy-handed momma can attest that this technique really does work (along with the required after-braid headache and damaged to hairline), but $100 for four braids is bananas.  Save money by either getting a friend to do it or hooking up with a local African braiding salon.

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  • sueb

    you keep pulling on your facial skin like that and then you really will need plastic surgery

  • Lynne

    In Mexico and on St. Thomas I could get braids for $2 each, and said no thanks, I can do it myself. Why in the name of Zeus would anyone pay $100 for four? How hard could the placement be if you look in the mirror? What a racket.

  • TBF

    Hey Brenda- It’s actually targeted towards white sistas, who probably don’t know that you can the same effect for free.

    any sort of prolonged stress on your hair, no matter what type of hair you have, will cause issues with your hair line.

    So it’s a good optionfor a quick fix, but not a long term solution

  • Sister, I agree with you! I have involuntarily had a non-surgical braid-induced face lift before at an African Hair Gallery. I had my whole head braided for $150 that lasted only two weeks. I could no longer take the migraine headache or sore scale. Turns out I had much damage to my dome afterwards. Everything is not for everyone.

  • Brenda

    I take it the previous comments are from African-American women.  Do you know if it is just as hard on Caucasian hair?  And if this cornrow is so small (I assume you can’t see it),  would you really notice a 1/16” of hair missing under the rest?  Also,  couldn’t you start the cornrow a 1/4” or 1/2” in to the hairline and pull it tight and get the same result????  So many questions for a pasty girl with straight, short hair. 
    P.S.  It really does sound wild – and the headaches………………..

  • TBF

    According to Access hollywood, celebrities are doing it..It may be a great optionsfor someone who needs a quick tightening for a reunion, wedding, etc…

  • The reason why I can’t get with this is because if you do it too much, you will weaken your hair’s roots, possibly leading to bare patches near the hairline where those braids are strategically placed.  If someone were to do this for facelifts, they’d really really have to use moderation.

  • christal

    TBF are you serious about this?  I have just had the best laugh in a long time off of this one.  As a african american I don’t know whether to laugh or shake my head at this one.

  • Can they please form a line at my front door?! I’ll be more than happy to braid their hair! $100 for 4 braids??  Somebody is going to make a killing off of women that don’t know any better!  This is so funny to me.