Chanel’s Pre-Fall 2006 Show


Mr. Lagerfeld, a.k.a chairman of the “I-don’t-like-fat-people” club,  recently put on a pre-fall 2006 fashion show at Chanel’s 57th street store. With Lindsay, Ashley, and a whole slew of socialites and celebs with names ending in “y” in tow, Lagerfeld’s show was pretty much a homage to his own personal style, with black and white ensembles dominating the catwalk. As a person who enjoys a good splash of magenta now and then, this peek at 2006 makes me feel really sad, but not as sad as I felt when I saw balloon skirts parading down the runway during the Fall 2005 shows. As someone with a little extra junk in her trunk that almost bought me to tears.

P.S Is it just me or do all the models at this show look like female versions of the incredible shrinking designer?

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