Ankle Wallets by SCRAM, er, I mean Chanel

Noted recently around the blogosphere: ankle wallets, featured in the Spring ‘08 Chanel show and speculated to have been inspired by SCRAM ankle monitors donned in recent months by certain high-profile bad girl celebs. One wonders if Lindsey Lohan, who’s been known to buddy up with Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld, really has this much power. Perhaps Al Gore did deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, cause the world is about to end.
But all is not lost. US magazine, that bedrock of American journalism, went ahead and took a poll, posing the question, “Would You Wear an Ankle Wallet?”.  A full 95% of respondents (at this writing) answered a resounding no, at least until Lohan gets out of rehab.
I’d have to agree from a purely practical standpoint. I mean, really—there’s already enough weirdos looking at my butt on the bus, do I really need to tempt them by having to bend over to to make exact change?
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