Chalkboard Napkin Rings: DIY

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We love the MOMA store; unfortunately, it is often outside of our price range. So, when we saw these fabulous chalkboard napkin rings for $65 for a set of four, we thought, “We can totally make those ourselves!” And so we did.

Here is how you can too.


Buy some plain wooden napkin rings with no grooves or indents. Check out some garage sales for super cheap napkin rings. If you don’t have time to scrounge around, has some plain napkin rings for $9.99 for a set of six.

Woodworks Ltd, also has some super cheap napkin rings that are perfect for this craft. You can buy a bag of 25 napkin rings for $8.
Also, buy yourself a small can of chalkboard paint from your local craft or hardware store and don’t forget the chalk!

1. Lightly sand your napkin rings. This is especially important if they have a varnish or a finish.
2. Paint.
3. Let your napkin rings dry.
4. Write on them with chalk.

This is a perfect craft for kids. And it is fun for them to write their own name on their napkin rings.

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