Cheap Chic: Chadwicks Town and Country Tote

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Chadwicks, yes Chadwicks, is upping their fashion game. Their version of the Michael Kors tote shown above and to the left retails for close to $300 bucks less than the designer version. Word is that Chadwicks is trying the shed their image as “the home of polyester” and the catalog/online giant recently snagged some top design talent from some major fashion houses.  Apparently these designs haven’t quite made it online, is still full of pink polyester/rayon/combed cotton coordinates.  But, now there’s at least hope.

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  • Delilah Pearl

    Wow, that bag is identical. Very cute, would definetely get it 😉

  • Natalie

    Just went online to Chadwicks and purchased one. My first straw bag in years!! It’s in the new spring catalog on their website.

  • This is great. I spend part of my time taking all too expensive items and improving them at a price that the average American can afford. Chadwick’s has indeed come a long way. The Chadwick’s version likely does not have leather trim…but the faux leather is getting so good these days! Good job Chadwick’s.

    As for copyright infringement…it’s unlikely they’d bother to even complain. Firstly, it costs so much to copyright a design that it’s rarely done (a hundred + designs per season…no way.) Secondly, the customer who buys it, especially at full price, is likely to be buying it for the name (which is stamped into the gold buckles.) At this level it’s all about branding and developing a brand following.

    I find, as an accessories designer, when I’m knocked off (copied), it’s a fine form of flattery…and it keeps me on my toes designing something better the next season. Once it hits the store shelves it’s open/fare game to everyone. There’s room for us all in this business.

  • DJW

    I LOVE straw bags and the fact that this is the “look for less” is even better! I just purchased one and used an online coupon for 30% off!

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    Expires: 03/05/2007

  • Elaine

    I love it.

  • christal

    I like the bag.  We all cant afford the spluge for a cute bag.  Good going Chadwicks!!

  • LSC

    This bag is almost identical to the michael Kors one! I wonder if they’re concerned at all about getting into the copyright-infringement territory, especially if they’re trying to revive their brand?

  • Samantha

    Wow. Cheaper or not, it’s .. not cute.

  • I LOVE your blog. Keeps me inspired.