Celebs Don Fat Suits to Get in Touch With “Poor Fat People”


I was doing my daily patrol of some of my favorite blogs and came across an entry by fellow blogger Chic Reid, regarding the latest trend of entertainment shows conducting “investigative reports” on the “poor miserable lives” of those who wear over a size 16.

Chic Reid writes:

I am nauseated by the recent trend of skinny gorgeous celebs and journalists donning fat suits in order to “investigate” the depressing experiences of “poor fat people”. It is increasingly becoming one of the most hypocritical and offensive media experiments..

Thanks Goodness, I’m not the only one who finds it strange that news magazines like Entertainment Tonight suddenly care about those who are obese. I mean, really, Entertainment shows should stick to what they do best—keeping us updated on the trials and tribulations of the cast of “Different Strokes”.

I also find the timing of this increased interest in the plight of the overweight a little circumspect, coming right on the heels of numerous report of celebrities going as far as taking medication meant for horses to stay thin. Taking horse pills or snorting cocaine to stay thin is just as dangerous as being 300 pounds. Probably more.


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