Cate Corcoran, Technology Editor at Women’s Wear Daily

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Cate T. Corcoran is the technology editor at the fashion trade publication- Women’s Wear Daily, where she writes about the intersection between fashion and technology. A former fashion editor, she has also written for the New York Times Magazine, the Wall Street Journal and Slate. She also happens to be a great friend of mine, who really knows how to work a Forever 21.  Cate dishes tips on how to shop online, the latest trends in online fashion, and how to get the best deals at Forever 21.

Notes and Links:

Women’s Wear Daily

Forever 21- Cate’s Favorite Store

Interview with Cate Corcoran

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  • Anna

    Good advice, if you live in a major metropolitan area. Those of us are in the boonies (nearest Target 1.5 hours away, major city 5 hours) have less options. We do have a Ross; but I’ve notcived a difference in Ross and TJ Maxx depending on their locations. Not all the stores get the good stuff.
    So although et al don’t have the best sales, at least it’s accessible to us.

  • great interview.  i totally agree with cate in that online sales aren’t necessarily the best bargains though.  I found a pair of Seychelle boots for $79 at Nordstrom Rack and online they were still over $110.  Granted, I wasn’t specifically looking for those boots.  But I usually check end of season sales or discount stores first.  Besides, it’s total instant gratification.

    I too have found great pieces at Forever 21.  Not everything is good, but once in a while, you find a diamond!

  • blue_cloud

    thanks!  that was really informative, especially the part on how to navigate a forever 21.  i always get overwhelmed in that store because of the size and busy-ness.