Can Talbots Attract Younger Customers?

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What: Talbots, the mecca of boring fashion, has a plan to keep their business out of debt. Target younger customers….Really.

According to the Wall Street Journal: Talbots must complete an image and merchandise overhaul that attracts a younger customer in order to boost sales.

What We Say: Sometimes retailers should just stick to what they know. Trying to attract a younger crowd could be a little too risky for a brand like Talbots that is known for selling apparel that is a bit, well, conservative- sort of like the “anti- Forever 21”. Instead of changing their target audience maybe the designers should pick up a fashion magazine or two and realize that no matter your age, women prefer their fashion modern with structured silhouette’s, interesting details, and a little bit of attitude. Being a bit conservative and sporty is fine (hello Oscar de la Renta, Armani), but boring and dowdy is not.

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  • 40andfabulous

    I love Talbots. I’m new to them as well, since I’m new to the demographic. At 45+ I still like fashion-forward styles and I appreciate the classics as well. Talbots has a good mix of both. Of course women who pay attention to trends and know what silhouettes suit them can find suitable clothing in any store, whether that store targets their demo or not. : )

  • I don’t think Talbots is boring what they are is classic. Great for your everyday work clothing and grounding some of your funky and flashy pieces.Although a bit more expensive don’t sleep on Talbots for your staples.

  • Nancy

    Many basics (esp trousers) in my closet came from Talbot’s, which has a store in our town. Would love to be able to shop at Talbots to replace some of them.
    Those of us who now find ourselves part of the affluent ‘granny’ demographic (a smaller group than the boomers) seem to have been all but abandoned by quality merchandisers in past couple of years in the mad rush of reinvention! Why throw the baby out with the bath water! Why not keep at least a small offering of well fitting, simple classics. Got excited when Talbots featured Katherine Hepburn (who made long pleated trousers chic) on a cover to introduce their new fits but alas! In past four years-zip.
    Another complaint many customers have is that Talbot’s, since becoming reborn, now FLOODS their customers with e-advertising/sales gimmicks, sometimes several a day, but has not provided an option to receive fewer notices.