C7P: Chip & Pepper's New Budget Line with JC Penney Stores

What: Chip & Pepper, the twin LA denim designers, partnered with retailer JC Penney’s for the C7P (the “&” sign and the number “7” are both on the same key on your keyboard) line, an affordable denim and sportswear line for Back to School 2007. The line includes an array of denim items, including jeans, skirts, Bermuda shorts and crop pants, along with T-shirts, tops and fleece all targeted towards the junior and young men’s market. The collection will retail from $14.99 for tops to $34.99 for jeans.

What the fashion heads say: From Tipjar.com: The California surf-inspired jeans, t-shirts and hoodies for guys and gals have a laidback style and the price point makes me happy. Everything in the collection is under $40.
What I say: I’m sooooo not the target demographic for this line, but it looks like the same stuff you can get at Old Navy for around half the price. However, if you’re a fan of their higher priced denim line, this may be a way to get your hands on a pair of jeans for under $40.


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