Where to Buy Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

First things first—a little bridesmaids dress sizing primer: bridal fashion sizing is essentially stuck in 1952. Meaning that whatever size you wear in 2014? Yeah, you’ll wear at least 1-2 sizes larger than usual when it comes to bridal gowns and bridesmaids dresses. Is this fair? Not really, but like death and taxes bridal wear ain’t fair—but our mantra is it’s about fit, not size.

That being said, plus size bridesmaids get the short end of the stick, many times being charged extra for sizes over, say, 18 (which is like a 14 or 16 on modern size charts). So what’s a curvy girl (or a bride with curvy bridesmaids) to do? Simple—look for cute and budget-friendly options that will suit EVERY member of your bridal party. So where to shop for these mythical plus size bridesmaids dresses on a budget? We got you—just read on.

Where to Shop Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses?

David’s Bridal

Lace Cap Sleeve Dress with Side Ruffles
David’s Bridal is a little like the WalMart of the bridal industry – cheap products, mass produced, in a manage-the-herd type of setting. While it’s not very romantic, it is a retailer that offers affordable bridesmaids dresses in a wide range of sizes, frequently with dresses in a range of sizes in stock (rather than being produced to order, which can on average take 3-4 months). On a short timeline, or with bridesmaids on budgets of varying sizes, it’s worth a look. We like this Lace Cap Sleeve Dress with Side Ruffles, for $149, also available in missy sizes.

Alfred Angelo (Designer Stores and Independent Retailers)

Alfred Angelo Bridesmaid Dresses - Style 7285S


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