Budget Halloween Costumes

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Wow! I got some great responses from my request for great Halloween costumes. Here are some of my favorites:

Silver Screen actress. Take your sexiest black dress, paint the skin that would show in it silver (silver colored hairspray works great), spray your hair black, and only wear black and white accessories. Definitely stand out in a crowd, while still looking FABULOUS!!
from Evil Diva

Smurfette and Gargamelle. Last year my boyfriend and I were the “budget” smurfette and gargamelle. I wore a plain white dress (job lot or nurse store $3) and wore a blue turtleneck and blue tights under it. Then I cut a sleeve from an old white turtleneck, tied the end stuffed it with toilet paper and it was my hat. I painted my face blue and the only expensive thing was the blond wig, because I have dark hair. My beau wore a long black dress, put red soccer socks over his sneakers, got a cat stuffed animal and a net and he was good to go!
from Kate

Got more ideas???? Feel free to send them along…

Smurfette image courtesy of smurf.com

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