Gobble Up Affordable Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving Day is around the corner and we all know what that means. No, it’s not just about Kohl’s being open for 28 hours straight starting that evening (OK, well maybe a little bit), it’s about getting together with loved ones and of course, gobbling up tasty goodness.

Clearly, affordable Thanksgiving table décor is a must.  However, cutesy as some of the Thanksgiving items are, I’m not a fan of over the top styles.  A little here and there is OK, but dozens of bobble head pilgrim figurines splayed across the table not only looks hokey, but they clutter up space needed for more important things like stuffing and pumpkin pie.  Priorities, priorities!

So if silly turkey cartoons scrawled on paper cups are not your thing, read on to check out pretty Thanksgiving decorations for a fabulous dinner party.  They add a dose of holiday zest to the atmosphere, plus they’re so affordable we can’t wait to gobble them up.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone.

Budget-friendly Ideas for Thanksgiving Decorations

Tell us, how do you usually decorate your dinner table on Thanksgiving?



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