Fashion Advice: Teen Fashions For Less

Dear Budget Fashionista,
I am a 13 year old teen and I am in a bind for back to school shopping. I’m completely overwhelmed with this season’s trends and I don’t know where I get them all for less. I got your book and read it thoroughly and even highlighted it (i tend to go over board). My one problem is I don’t have any source of income. I get allowance from my parents (a mere $10 dollars) and that can’t buy me anything. Are there any way i can get this year’s trends and also make money?


At thirteen the best option in terms of making money is to either work the babysitting gig route, or, if you’re crafty, you could make something to sell to your friends and relatives ( I made friendship bracelets, which I sold for $2-$5 a pop for about $25 a week). You could also ask your parents for extra projects around the house that you could do to make extra money. Most parents will appreciate the fact that you’re willing to work for the extra dough, instead of assuming they’ll just give it to you.

In terms of this season’s trends.. definitely head to Wal-Mart and Target. Because your parents probably shop at these stores anyway, try and slip a few of the styles into the shopping basket. It may be a little easier to convince your parents to spend at a Target/Wal-Mart than to get them to spring for a shopping spree at stores like Charlotte Russe or Forever21. For example, leggings are a fall must have and at Wal-Mart they cost about $7 dollars. Knee length jersey knit tunic, skinny jeans, and lace blouses are also very popular and can be found for well under $20 at these stores.

I’m posting this to the site because I’m sure TBF readers will have additional pieces of advice for you.


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