Go Green without Spending Extra Greens: Green Makeup Under $20

Wearing makeup that makes us look amazing is always a good thing.  But wearing makeup that’s good for our bodies and the environment?  Huge plus. Thank goodness for green makeup, free of toxins and unpronounceable words that sound just as nasty as they are for us and the Earth.

FYI, the word “fragrance” should be a red flag:  it’s basically an approved industry term that covers a broad range of bad-for-us chemicals. Loopholes, loopholes.  Sigh.

Ah.  I know what you’re thinking:  “Yeah, but don’t those natural, environmentally-friendly products cost a fortune?”  Sure, $75-plus eco-friendly mascaras and foundations exist, but there are also plenty of affordable options.   Ladies need not sacrifice the green in their bank accounts for green cosmetics.  TBF to the rescue . . .

6 Earth-Friendly Green Makeup Products Under $20

What green makeup products will you try?


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