Cream of the Crop: Our Picks for Gorgeous Graduation Dresses Under $50

You’re a graduating student, which is why you don’t have the big bucks to spend on a brand new outfit for your big day. Fear not! There are plenty of graduation dresses under $50 that are all-around great spring and summer dresses and are PERFECT for your big day.

These dresses are great for graduation ceremonies– dressy, but not too dressy, comfortable looking, and definitely won’t be sitting in the back of your closet (like your camp and gown) after you walk across the the stage.

Stylish Graduation Dresses on a Budget

Pinky Chiffon Dress, $39.95 from Buckle
Musee Matisse Chevron Shift Dress, 39.99 from Shopruche
Frills that Thrill Dress, $44.99 from Modcloth
Aqua Shirt Dress, $39.20 from Bloomingdale’s
Botanical Print High Low Dress, $28 from Forever 21
Green Eyelet Lace Colorblock Dress, $39.90 from Windsor Store
Slice of Heaven Dress, $48 from Nasty Gal
Women Dip Suno Maxi Dress, $39.90 Uniqlo

If you need a dress for graduation that’s versatile without spending a fortune, treat yourself to any of these graduation dresses under $50.

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