Budget Bridesmaid Dresses: Fashion Advice

Dear Budget Fashionista,

I am getting married in July – Yipee! I was wondering if you have any suggestions of where to locate bridesmaids dresses that will not take months and months to receive and can fit modest budgets.

Answer: It used to be that bridesmaids dresses were where good taste went to die. Any joy you felt for your friends pending nuptial was replaced by the dread of having to pay $300 to wear some ugly puffy dress. Fortunately, times have changed. Here’s some great options for bridesmaid dresses on a budget:

1. Coco Myles has great customizable dresses that are available in a variety of colors and sizes (from 2- 32). The dresses start at $125, which is a bit pricey, but it’s a great option if you have a wide variety of sizes and shapes in your wedding party.

2. You can also purchase formal dresses from the Merona Target line at Target.com. The big box retailer has a pretty impressive collection of formal dresses, most for under $50 in sizes 2-18.

3. You can also take a peek at this summer’s new girlie cotton dresses,  available at stores like Gap, J Crew, and Old Navy. Make these dresses bridesmaid formal by putting a wide ribbon around the waist and asking your bridesmaids to wear heels.

4. Also try stores like Newport-News.com, Spiegel.com, and Chadwicks.com

5. You can also go the traditional route by heading to a place like David’s Bridal. The store has a wide range of sizes, but the look can be a bit generic.

Last but not least, many brides are choosing to let their wedding party pick their own dresses.  This is perhaps the cheapest option, but you run the risk of your bridesmaids choosing a dress that may be a bit too casual.

Happy Shopping,

The Budget Fashionista


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