Entertaining on a Budget: Bridal Bling

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This year it is all about the bling. Throw a bachelorette party in style using ring accessories, favors and even a fabulous ring game.

Trick out your treats with these fun cupcake gem (pictured above). Get them from eBay for $2.15 for a set of 12.

Tie up napkins (paper or fabric) in these fun blingin’ napkin rings from the Oriental Trading company. $14.95 for 12.

Show the guest of honor how to sip in style with this diamond solitaire mug. Only $16 each.

The Ring Pull or Bridesmaids Ribbon Pull
This is a fun game for a bridal shower, bachelorette party, or even your wedding.

Make a cake. Before you bake it, place inside several charms or rings (of the cheap variety) attached to the ribbon. Make sure all of the ribbon is not baked inside the cake, as you will want the ribbons hanging from the cake.

We found that this was easiest to do with a bunt cake, and we simply wrapped the ends of the ribbon in foil and let them hang over the side of the cake as it baked.

Have bridesmaids, friends, or even the bride pull on a ribbon. The charm that the girl receives symbolizes something. Life. Happiness. Love. Babies. Money. A career. Whatever. In the Victorian era, the bridesmaids would pull ribbons from the wedding cake and the girl who pulled the gold ring out of the cake was “supposed” to be married next. The girl who got nothing, well, she was the old maid. Not that that is a bad thing.

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