Adorable Baby Fashion that Won’t Break the Bank

What’s cuter than a fashionable baby? Really not much. After I had my fashion forward baby boy, I quickly learned that, apparently, babies change sizes faster than I could say his full name. Even so, I wasn’t willing to settle for plain clothes for the little guy. So I learned a few baby fashion tricks, and I’m ready to share! In addition to my own learnings, I asked some of my favorite moms to share their secrets, too. Enjoy these tips straight from moms with high-style standards for their littles. 7 Ways to Save on Baby Fashion 1. Use bandanas as neck scarves This tip comes from yours truly. My son is half-Polish and we spend a lot of time in his second hometown of Krakow. That’s where this tip comes from. In Krakow, the artist’s haven of Poland, babies and toddlers wear bandanas. Genius! Adorable and cheap, the chic baby scarf comes in a variety of colors and definitely spices up a plain onesie. It also keeps your baby warm and acts as a kind of drool-catcher. Pick up a handful in different colors. 2. Invest in headbands from Etsy This one comes from the best baby photographers you’ll ever find, … Continue reading Adorable Baby Fashion that Won’t Break the Bank