Bubble Calendar: Recycle This

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What with this interweb thing sweeping the nation, we’ve been doing a lot of looking at other options for our underutilized mailroom supplies. And as we start taking in the last days of 2008 (What? You’re not panicked about the holidays holidays yet?) we’re thinking these Bubble Calendars are a genius combo of a super cool funky way of ringing in the New Year as well as a useful home for former shipping materials.

The Bubble Calendar is a massive poster-sized work of art/design that allows you to pop a bubble marking the passing of each day. Even if you’re not eight-years-old, this action is guaranteed to bring at least a wee bit of mirth into those dreary days of late winter when you’re wishing you hadn’t worked so hard to stop global warming. Each major US holiday is marked on the calendar so you will not miss Mother’s Day or Cinco de Mayo and the weekends are in bold, so you will not miss them either. As if.

These calendars are handmade in Brooklyn with a card stock or acetate backing. If you don’t want to shell out the $50 for the hardback version, choose paper over plastic and save yourself a cool Jackson. And at the end of ’09 you can take the post-popped bubble wrap and use it to wrap up your holiday décor or return misguided gifts.

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