9 Pairs of Bridal Shoes You’ll Love on a Budget

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They don’t call it “Say Yes To The Shoes”, and there’s a reason for that – because, namely, all eyes are on the dress, and since most wedding dresses are floor length no one will even SEE the shoes. That being said, we’re girls—pretty wedding shoes make us happy, and nearly every one of us has had some kind of childhood fantasy about those fab glass slippers the paved the way for Cinderella to go from pauper to princess (a tale which we’ve always suspected is more about the shoes than the prince, but we digress).

So brides, we fully support your desire for your own Cinderella-worthy bridal kicks, but one suggestion – don’t clean out the wedding coffers for a pair of wedding shoes that, no matter how perfectly pristine and Instagram-worthy, you will never actually look at much less wear after that one big day. Instead, peruse our pics for some fairy tale worthy bridal shoes that you can snag on a budget. Bonus:  Your groom will be so impressed with your budget-savvy, he won’t even notice the entire new wardrobe you’ve amassed for the honeymoon.

9 Pairs of Bridal Shoes You’ll Love!