The Original Flash Sale is Back (Sponsored)

Ladies, I am a K-club blogger, which means I am compensated for telling you about my experiences with Kmart. Rest assured, all opinions are my own.

I’ve heard it said that Madonna paved the way for Lady Gaga, and Michael Jackson paved the way for Diddy. But musicians don’t have a corner on trail blazing. Remember the Palm Pilot? It was a clear predecessor to the smartphone. And then there is the Kmart Blue Light Special. That, my fellow fashionistas, was the original flash sale.

The Bluelight Special added a surprise element to shopping. You’d be browsing small kitchen appliances or bathroom towels, and that iconic phrase would ring out, “Attention Kmart shoppers!” Even if you didn’t hear the announcement, you’d see the flashing blue light and know there was a crazy, short-term, in-store deal nearby.

Given that I have fond memories of the Bluelight Special, you can imagine my surprise when I heard that Kmart’s bringing the original flash sale back!

The Bluelight Special Returns

The Bluelight Special’s return means more opportunities to find great deals at Kmart stores, and in the Kmart app. The word is that Bluelight Specials are happening every day in every store, across all categories and products. I wanted to check it out for myself, so I took a trip to Kmart in hopes that I’d hear that familiar announcement. To make sure I didn’t miss a beat, I downloaded the Kmart app first, and enabled push notifications and location services. 

My Search for the Bluelight

I made my way to my nearest Kmart, a Big K no less, to see if I could catch the Bluelight in action. I quickly got distracted by the non-bluelight specials, like a rack of cute cardigans marked down 35%.



I ended up with this long, textured cardigan in black for about $16. It’s super-warm and transitions my summer shirts into AW pieces.

After I grabbed a cardigan, I went on the search for scarves — another easy transition piece that helps me wear my summer clothes in the colder months.


I also ended up with one of these neutral toned infinity scarves for $7.99.

I was in the store for about 30 minutes and I, unfortunately, did not get to hear that familiar Bluelight special announcement. The good news is that I still ended up with a couple of great deals.


Well-dressed, albeit headless, mannequin at Kmart

Other Kmart Store Events

The Bluelight Special isn’t the only fun thing happening in Kmart stores right now. Head to Kmart on the weekend for Freebie Saturdays, and your kids aged 12 and under will get a free gift (like popcorn, apple juice or a toy) while supplies last. During the holidays, you may even run into Santa Claus. Kmart is a practical destination, for sure — but it can be a fun stop for your little ones too.

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