Is Bloomingdales Over Charging Plus Size Customers?

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Is Bloomingdales Overcharging Plus Size Customers?

Apparently the answer is yes.

And…..wait for it…. the department stores’ prices are even higher than stores like Saks and Neiman Marcus. Want proof? Read on…

Cowl Neck Dress

Left: David Meister Cowl-Neck Sparkle Dress, $610 at NeimanMarcus 
Right: David Meister Plus Cowl Neck Dress, $652.00 at Bloomingdales

On certain, smaller plus size fashion lines like T-bag, David Meister, Bloomingdales charges up to $50 more than other online luxury department store retailers. For example, Bloomingdales is charging $42 more than Neiman Marcus for the above David Meister stunner.

Bloomingdales Webpage
NeimanMarcus Webpage

I mean, really who would have thought that Neiman Marcus would have significantly lower prices on a regularly priced item than say a store like Bloomingdales. I didn’t think that was even possible.

V-neck Dress

Left: T-Bag V Neck Dress, $212.0 at
Right: T Bag V Neck Dress, $228.00 at

Even stores like Saks Fifth Avenue, feature lower prices on plus size designers like T-Bag, than Bloomies. The same goes for stores like, which features this pair of wool Lafayette 148 pants  for close to $100 less than on

So how can Bloomingdales get away with doing this? Well.. It’s because the Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) is just that.. a suggestion. Unless the brand has strong pricing controls in their contracts, as most major brands do, post retail crash of 2007, retailers can charge as much (or as little) as they would like.

So for major brands like Eileen Fisher and Michael Kors, Bloomingdale’s pricing is fairly consistent with other luxury department stores, because if the store charged more for a Michael Kors dress, you could just go down the street to Macys and find the same dress for less.

So what’s the answer? For plus size fashionistas, before making that purchase on, make sure to double check their competitors like Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue and even sister store Macys. (I never thought I would say to use Neiman Marcus as a price comparison tool… what????) You might just give yourself an instant discount.

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  • I am not surprised at all. When it comes to things like this I say let the shopper beware and not just grab the first thing they see in the first store they see. This is especially true for plus size shoppers.

  • redgrrl

    What I don’t get is why they ugly-up the clothes for plus size. Example: the
    Left: T-Bag V Neck Dress, $212.0 at
    Right: T Bag V Neck Dress, $228.00 at
    T-Bag dress would look great in plus size….it would be cute AND flattering but they ugly it up by making it a waist cinched V-neck …WTH?
    So often the style of Plus sized clothes just ends up as matronly – when with only a few sizing changes it could look cute! PLEASE LISTEN DESIGNERS!

  • BeccaV

    Who actually buys stuff at regular price from bloomingdale’s?

    • TBF

      believe it or not.. people do.. sad…

  • I really dint know that the sellers charges a too much extra amount if someone purchase a large size of any clothe or dress instead small size.Its really upsetting rates of the clothes are never depends on their size so this is a cheating with customer .

  • While it sucks that bloomies is going against the apparent msrps for plus size garb, I find this all the time and not just with clothes, but with shoes, etc.

    As a consumer, your fiduciary duty to your wallet is to always comparison shop everything!

    When I am in stores, I am constantly searching online on my phone to make sure that I pay the least.

    I also religiously use apps to see who really wants my money by offering me the best deals.

    Shopping is a sport and like any good player, you have to come armed with the right rules of engagement in order to play the game to win. 😉

  • The blond girl in the silver dress doesn’t look plus size at all.

    • TBF

      believe it or not, she is suppose to be a plus size model. Remember in the fashion world plus size starts at size 10-12…

  • Retailers can charge what they like, I would only call it overcharging if its hundreds of dollars more. In regards to the difference in price from straight sizes to plus it just costs more to make plus sizes, depending on the retailer it can go from $5 to $50.

    • TBF

      This post is not about misses sizes vs. plus size. This post shows Bloomingdales is charging more for their plus size brands than other stores charge for the same plus size brands. Y… the model in the photo used is small, but the price is actually for the plus size line.

  • LOL Alloy does the exact same thing. Not surprised at all.

  • Wow. Thanks for sharing. I’m not sure which I find more upsetting . . . the fact that Bloomie’s is overcharging or that Neiman Marcus is the comparison for the better price.

  • Very insightful! Wow, they’re just going to turn around and say that they’re charging more for a little bit of extra material.. “suggested” retail price better known as C.Y.A. 🙂

    • TBF

      Actually it is the SAME exact item.. meaning that there is no extra material to change extra for!