My Tried-and-True Black Friday Game Plan

Black Friday brings out the best in me. That is, no matter what time of day (okay, morning), no matter how many lines, bags, and crazy people I have to navigate, I let nothing phase me. My tried-and-true Black Friday plan of attack has led me though at least five years of Black Fridays, and here it is so you can have a successful day of shopping as well:

Tips and Tricks for Black Friday Shoppers

Make a list.

Make A List

Without this, nothing matters, so sit down and write out a list of everything you would like to get. Make it as long and thorough as possible.

Research.Figure out where to get each item, and write the specific location next to that item. Then, check out if you can buy said item online. If so, note it.

Enlist a few friends. Then, pick one (usually the crabby “I hate shopping” shopper) who will stay home and buy all the online items from his/her laptop in bed. The others will serve as your tag team.

Grab a map.

Mall Layout Plan

Push pins into all store locations on your list. Decide on either a central shopping location that lets you park one and shop till you drop, or a two to three stop driving plan that will take you everywhere with minimal drive time.

Divide and conquer: Split your list, and make each person responsible for one store. Here is when you can share lists – if you are hitting up the Macy’s kitchenware section, grab your friend’s stuff for her while you are there.

Morning of: Wear spandex or leggings, sandals or slip-on shoes, carry candy and a power bar in your pocket for quick boosts, put a bottle of water in your purse, and get the biggest cup of coffee your local coffee house sells.

While Shopping: Keep your phones close, and use them to communicate status with your team. Breathe. Have fun!



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