Yea or Nay: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker at Steve Barry – I’ve Got Pictures

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UPDATE: Steve & Barry’s Lawyers just sent me an a letter. Post Your thoughts on whether I should take these photos down or leave them up. I will make a decision, based on you comments by Thursday 12 noon.

UPDATE: According to WWD, everything is moving forward with the line. The issue was that Oprah was promised an exclusive and they wanted long lead magazines (who will only say glowing things about it) to have first dibs. Also, TBF was the FIRST to post anything about the line as a fashion blind item over a month before any of the other sites got word of it. I only held onto to it because I was asked to (which now I realized I should have just published it in full for you guys on February 8th.)

A few weeks ago, I broke the news that Sarah Jessica Parker (aka “Carrie” from the HBO TV show ‘Sex and The City’) was designing a line called “Bitten” for discount sportswear retailer Steve and Barry’s as a fashion blind item during fashion week. First let me say, I REALLY want to like this line and will save my full assessment when it appears in stores. However, based on the pictures below, I must say that the Bitten line looks pretty uneventful, in fact, it looks a lot like the stuff she was hawking for the Gap (and we all know what has happen to the Gap).

Again, I WANT to like this line. I really do.  However, most of the people who shop at Steve & Barry’, a store I happen to like and shop at, are at the fashion 101 level, while this line seems to be more fashion 201. It has none of the easy urban style of Madonna’s line at H&M and none of the creative basic look of Isaac Mizrahi at Target.  I am also pretty skeptical of the overly touched up pictures (usually sign of poor quality garments).

That being said, the Bitten line does feature cute basics (wide leg khaki trousers, basic black tops, a collection of black dresses, accessories etc.)  all priced under $19.95. However, when I think of Sarah Jessica Parker, I don’t think of basics.. I think of quirky style, interesting patterns, strange mixtures, etc. I’m not sure if this line will feature these elements of her “public” personal style.

Which makes me ask this question… Is SJP’s style really her own style or that of a good stylist (hello Patricia Fields)?

Now that you’ve seen the pictures…. Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker: Yea or Nay?

Click Below For More Pictures From Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

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  • anastasia

    I love it and love the fact that its appealing and affordable.
    screw u guys!

  • Rosa Harrelson

    I think that it’s a wonderful line of clothes and I will buy them. Sarah, You are the best keep it up. Don’t listen to these people that have negative comments. They are obviously self centered and don’t know that you are helping all of us women that need
    some style with out the hefty price tag. Love what your doing .

  • Kris Keller

    Nowhere have I (so far) seen anyone mention or ask,  “WHERE AND HOW IS THIS CHEAP CLOTHING MADE?!?”  Just a curiosity to me.  And the line is, “For the kids?”  Which ones, the ones at the sweatshop in India?  I’d really like to know how ethically the line was made, from the labor right down to the dyes.  If YOU know (for sure) feel free to e me at [email protected].  Meanwhile, I am frustrated by cheap goods that encourage consumer gluttony.  Yikes.  I’ll stick to the thrift stores, rather than feeding the consumer machine.

  • Karen

    What wrong with you people? I didn’t see the pictures posted on this site, but I saw Sara Jessica Parker on Oprah and I am so excited about her line! The things I saw were really cute and cheap, which is amazing in this day and time! I think she is very sweet and cute and her line is really cute! They are simple, but they are cute!  And they are affordable, which is more than I can say for most clothing lines today! I don’t know of many(if any) cute and cheap celebrity clothing lines! And after watching Sara Jessica on Oprah, I like her even more! She is very down to earth and cute and I commend her for her line!  I think it is a great idea!  I love her line and I can’t wait to buy some things from it!

  • A

    maybe its so boring to everyone because you may be lacking imagination and creativity to come up with an outfit. this is for a good cause so just don’t look if it doesn’t interest you but there are a lot of people who are really excited about this and can really benefit. plus who doesn’t love cheap clothes… stop crying everyone

  • mare

    Unfortunately, people still confuse SJP with her character on SATC. Her personal style, which is pretty classic for the most part, is not even as close to her character’s style on the show, so let it go.

    I’ve never been to a Steve and Barry’s store, but from what I gather, their target market is not the avant garde fashion revolutionary you are wishing this collection was designed for. So, of course they’re going to make basics! Basics are safe.

    And as for the notion of ” a 40 year old designing for someone 20 years younger” being crazy…what? Most people who are involved in clothing design don’t get a high profile job designing straight out of school, it takes time to “pay dues” so to speak. And IF you do get a semi high profile design job out of school, you’re definitely not the head designer.

  • Sherry

    I think a lot of you are missing the point.  She’s doing something rare here—creating a clothing line that *doesn’t* break your bank account, a line with more than size two’s in mind, actually providing a good size range. 

    Do you know how rare that is? 

    So many clothing lines come out with a pathetic range of size 0 to 8, maybe 10 (if one is lucky).  I’ve even written to specific designers and companies, chastising them for their lack of selection and lack of size range, reminding them that women of all sizes and ages have money to spend and want quality clothing that makes them feel good about themselves and how they look.  All I got in return was some blah-blah-ing about “Yes, you’re right, that’s something we will look into for the future.”  Cut to five years later, and NO change or expansion has been made in those companies. 

    For Sarah to attempt this is remarkable.  So many bow to corporate pressure and the need to rake in the money, rather than truly thinking about what women want and *providing* it in a more reasonable and conscious fashion. 

    If you don’t happen to like the clothes in this first-run attempt (and hello, it is just the first batch of ideas)… write to the company.  Write to Sarah.  Tell them what you are looking for, what you would enjoy.  I’m betting this company and this woman would be much more willing to listen and explore ideas and try new things.  Much more than the usual companies, who don’t bother and don’t seem to care about anything but the money (and who are apparently so stupid they don

  • KatieM

    Never been a SJP fan after a marathon session of SATC dvds (the season she became the exec producer).  That is one self involved human being.  The June Glamour cover has her in what appears to be a Gap tee- and cuffed jeans…oh and a pair of $600.00+ Louboutins and a Chanel Jacket.  So go out and buy her line, oh fans of the SPJ, just make sure you have the extra $1200.00 for the Chanel jacket to complete the look.

  • Tiffany

    I think that SJP is a very talented person and even though I didn’t get to see the pictures, I’m sure the clothes are great. If you don’t like them then don’t buy them. It’s as simple as that. I know that I will be driving to Tampa on June 7th to pick up some of her line from Steve and Barry’s.

  • Lee

    I used to work for Steve and Barry’s. May I just say, you get what you pay for. Look at their prices and their return policy. Must have receipt and tickets attached. If no receipt, must still have tickets attached. Sooo, if you wear and wash it and it falls apart…. what happens then?

  • I’m sad the pictures had to be taken off, but by reading all of the comments i’m utterly disapointed. I was really excited to hear that SJP was releasing a clothing line, because I am the BIGGEST Sex & the City fan. I think Patricia Field and Sarah should work together to make a better clothing line.
    sad sad sad.

  • Uhh…what is it that SJP “does well” these days?

  • TBF

    why it is every time someone wants to insult a woman they call her “fat”. I mean really Jay, if you’re going to insult me.. be a little more creative…

    Also.. Let’s not get confused by the marketing message. SJP isn’t doing this line out of the goodness of her heart… Do you know how much money is made off these clothing lines? If she’s “doing” it for the kids then she should give away her share or at least donate a portion of the millions she stands to make, to a cause that supports kids.

  • The link as to why you are removing them is not appearing.

  • Mego

    Maybe it’s just me, but I was hoping for more colorful, Carrie Bradshaw-style pieces. You could find any one of those items at Target or Walmart. Isn’t a celebrity clothing line supposed to stand out?

  • Laura


    And I wouldn’t wear that camo/peacock thing if someone paid me. Ok, maybe if they paid me enough, I might consider it.

    That black dress makes me think of breakfast diner’s for some reason.

    Di and Anya nailed it with their comments.

  • Erica


  • ko

    Terribly hum-drum, uninspiring, unexciting, looks cheap and yes, OLD NAVY, not even THE GAP. Big thumbs down.  SJP is (what?) 40, and she’s assisting in the design of clothes for teenagers.

  • Jenny

    yikes girl i would take the images down, the last thing you want is lawsuit! honestly i think it just makes you look ###### and stupid for posting them without asking and then acting like you didn’t have to. sounds like they would have worked with you if you had asked first. just my thoughts, best of luck.

  • I totally support you posting these! Kudos. I bet Steve & Barry’s would have loved the attention/leak/publicity had the photos of the apparel not been so badly received. I will post something on our blog too!

  • jay

    Steve and Barry’s price point is 10.00 and less. They set out to try to make our kids and young adults that don’t have a bunch of cash feel good about what they are wearing. Sara did the line for the same reason Stephon Marbury did it. To give back to the community. That makes a whole outfit less then 30 bucks.  Instead of taking pop shots here’s an idea, forward your ideas to help the line that helps kids look a little better. You might be able to look your self in the mirror instead admiring that belt you bought to make you less fat.

  • suz

    They’re… clothes. Not great, not terrible. Good enough, probably.

    I still don’t see how or why SJP is supposed to appeal to customers 20 years younger than she is. I know that we all want to see ourselves as young and hip as we get older, but in reality high school kids (and college kids etc) aren’t looking to anyone 40 years old as a fashion avatar.

  • Fiona

    Very boring and no different to a dozen other high street stores, including the GAP. Having said that, I’ve not thought much of SJP’s style anyway, not since she left Sex and the City.

  • Tina
  • SRS

    I don’t think we have a Steve & Barry’s, I just moved across country, but I’ve never heard of the store either way.  I wouldn’t buy any of this unless the quality was great, and it sounds like that won’t be the case.  I’d rather do the hunt and gather thing and buy a better brand on sale; quality basics never go out of style, but cheap basics…well, what’s the point?  Trendy stuff is where one should save their money, I think.  And I’m not at all basic in my style, I am much more like Carrie from SATC!

  • Anya

    well all I’ve got to say is that camo pants are never a good thing unless your in the army. So what the hell is she thinking.

    this line looks like its doing a real half assed job at being trendy, and completely failing at it. Basic, boring, whatever. At least it’s cheap.

  • Ivi

    Very common designs, another version of Old Navy stuff or the GAP (you’re absolutely right), very very disapointing…I think stars should focus on their acting and leave the designing to those that have a talent and a vision.

  • Maureen

    I said yay a few weeks ago in regard to SJP’s new line. But its not that impressive. I expected more from her than this. No go on the high low.

  • Anne

    Lame, boring, and WTF is up with the belt under the boobs?!  And wide legged white drawstring pants don’t look good on anyone, even SJP!  BLEAH!  I won’t be buying any of this.  Cathy, above, is right – looks like Gap circa 1999 and I haven’t been impressed with them since then, either!

  • Alex

    Ick.  So disappointed and not impressed.  She couldn’t have possibbly designed this stuff.  Even without a sytlist she’s bound to be better than this on her own.

  • lucy

    thank you for posting the pictures and not being cowed by steve and barrys lawyers. i believe the pics should stand for themselves.
    i think the line is garbage. it looks like something a kid wouldnt want to wear after wearing it once.
    and no one is going to believe that SJP “designed” 500+ items.
    howevr i disagree with kathryn finneys assesment that the line is in any sense of the word “fashion forward”.

  • TBF

    Althought the daily would like to take credit- I revealed it on Feb 8th, four weeks BEFORE as a fashion blind item-
    and only held on to it because I was asked to do so by the powers that be.

    and then reveled the actually name and details of the line several hours before Fashionweek daily, who wasn’t invited to the launch either, posted it.

    No matter.. I still love the daily- just don’t claim to be something you’re not.

    Also the info posted in the link above was lifted right from the Steve& Barry’s press release.

    That being said.. I’m holding my full judgement off until

  • christal

    I really like SJP’s style but this stuff looks a little lame.  Maybe you are right, she has a great stylist.

  • Nancy B.

    Those clothes are so dull.  There’s nothing special to them, nothing to separate them from anything else already out there.  I mean, it looks like the same sort of stuff you could get at the Gap, Target, JCPenney, wherever.  There is just no style to the line AT ALL (and what’s up with that jumper?  Can you say MOM CLOTHES???).

    I am very disappointed.  I was hoping for clothes with at least some redeeming fashion value, something maybe even a little exciting, but instead we get stuff that most of us already have in our closets.  Bitten = Been There, Done That.

  • coco

    I do not know about this Steve & Barry place but I do know these clothes look lame and cheap!

  • Cathy

    Wow – those pictures DO look like they are from the GAP! And let’s just say that I haven’t been impressed with the GAP since about 1999.

  • i’m not going to throw out my entire wardrobe and only wear this stuff, but honestly, it’s not that bad.  yeah, it’s boring, but it’s basics.  i personally like basics, so i’m okay with it.  it’s cute.  =)

  • Dionne

    Looks like the same ole same ole to me.  I would have loved to see some of the chic, quirky outfits that SJP wore in the first couple of seasons of Sex/City.

  • Di

    Nay. BIG nay. These are items that look great on SJP, but not on a real person with a normal body.

  • Boring, boring, boring

  • Latia

    This reminds me of the stuff I buy a couple of times a month…for my 14 month old daughter (except for the whole peacock and camo bit). 
    I am so bored to death with fashion these days that I’ve really just quit going to department stores and have resulted to shopping at Target and Wal-Mart.
    I found the cutest red polka dotted sundress and a bright YELLOW PATENT LEATHER bag at Target.
    The dress was twelve bucks and the bag was 19.

    Poo on companies slapping someone’s name on a line and thinking we’ll buy it.
    If it’s ugly enough, I wouldn’t even LOOK at a line with someone’s name on it.
    You can pay me a gazillion dollars to put my name on a line and make it the laziest and least efforted design ever.

  • Christianne

    It just reminds me of anything I could buy at Old Navy. Blah, plain and not too exciting. I’ll go for khakis under $20 if they are well made.

    We are getting a Steve and Barry’s next month, so that whole experience will be new to me.


  • Kari

    It’s not really THAT bad, just incredibly boring. But what else can we expect from fashion these days…we’ve brought back Mod and have apparently forgotten why it went out of style in the first place. Most of the Mod looks do not flatter a woman’s body. Quite the opposite in fact. SJP doesn’t really have any creative room in today’s fashion market. And if it’s really her fabulous stylist, let’s start a petition to get Patricia Fields to start up an affordable line.

    PS: Co-sign on the peacock and camo…are they serious about that?!!

  • Christina

    I saw on Styledash that they are actually delaying this line to redesign it because reaction to these photos was so bad.

  • Erica

    The whole line looks ok but the peacock and camo outfit is just horrible. It looks like men?s clothing. Therefore by association I do not like any of these clothes. You are right about how everything looks like the Gap.

  • Betty

    Bitten, IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO Bad. Sarah yoou know these clothes are UGLY and you know that you will not wear them so get out now and do not try this again. Stick to what you do best.