Yea or Nay: Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker at Steve Barry – I've Got Pictures

UPDATE: Steve & Barry’s Lawyers just sent me an a letter. Post Your thoughts on whether I should take these photos down or leave them up. I will make a decision, based on you comments by Thursday 12 noon.
UPDATE: According to WWD, everything is moving forward with the line. The issue was that Oprah was promised an exclusive and they wanted long lead magazines (who will only say glowing things about it) to have first dibs. Also, TBF was the FIRST to post anything about the line as a fashion blind item over a month before any of the other sites got word of it. I only held onto to it because I was asked to (which now I realized I should have just published it in full for you guys on February 8th.)
A few weeks ago, I broke the news that Sarah Jessica Parker (aka “Carrie” from the HBO TV show ‘Sex and The City’) was designing a line called “Bitten” for discount sportswear retailer Steve and Barry’s as a fashion blind item during fashion week. First let me say, I REALLY want to like this line and will save my full assessment when it appears in stores. However, based on the pictures below, I must say that the Bitten line looks pretty uneventful, in fact, it looks a lot like the stuff she was hawking for the Gap (and we all know what has happen to the Gap).
Again, I WANT to like this line. I really do.  However, most of the people who shop at Steve & Barry’, a store I happen to like and shop at, are at the fashion 101 level, while this line seems to be more fashion 201. It has none of the easy urban style of Madonna’s line at H&M and none of the creative basic look of Isaac Mizrahi at Target.  I am also pretty skeptical of the overly touched up pictures (usually sign of poor quality garments).

That being said, the Bitten line does feature cute basics (wide leg khaki trousers, basic black tops, a collection of black dresses, accessories etc.)  all priced under $19.95. However, when I think of Sarah Jessica Parker, I don’t think of basics.. I think of quirky style, interesting patterns, strange mixtures, etc. I’m not sure if this line will feature these elements of her “public” personal style.
Which makes me ask this question… Is SJP’s style really her own style or that of a good stylist (hello Patricia Fields)?
Now that you’ve seen the pictures…. Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker: Yea or Nay?
Click Below For More Pictures From Bitten by Sarah Jessica Parker

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