Are You an Avid Thrift Store Shopper? Lifehacker Says June is Your Must-Shop Month

What: Lifehacker has rounded up the best things to buy in June including kitchenware, dishware, and thrift store items.

What They Say:

It’s spring cleaning time, which means you can not only sell all your old junk, but buy other people’s junk too! If you’re a thrift store shopper, now’s a good time to get even better bargains than usual, since places like the Salvation Army will be getting lots of new inventory.

What We Say: While it’s still technically spring until mid-June, we reckon that the better time to visit your friendly neighborhood thrift shop for “new” inventory would have been earlier, perhaps March or April-ish, which is when people generally tend to start their spring cleaning. By this time, shouldn’t most folks be out on vacay already, sipping martinis or exploring the canyons (hopefully not at the same time)? But then again, it wouldn’t hurt to drop by your favorite SA or Goodwill store today to see if there’s something you can pick up to complete your summer essentials: a summer hat, a vintage pair of sunglasses, or even a rare book for summer reading.

Check out the full list of the best things to buy in June over at Lifehacker.


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