When is the Best Time to Shop for the Holidays?

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What: Savings.com shared this useful infographic revealing the best and worst dates to shop for the holidays this year. Categories include electronics, apparel, toys, jewelry, and food, to name a few.

What They Say:

The average American spent more than $700 on holiday gifts in 2011, but carefully planning when you buy can make all the difference.

What We Say: If you’re the type of shopper with savings as a major agenda, (this means any shopper who isn’t related to Warren Buffet or the Royal Fam) you would want to take note of these dates in your shopping / gifts planner. The $5 to $10 savings may not seem much at the moment. But if you’re shopping for 10-15 people, and we multiply the difference by that number, then that can make for at least an extra hundred dollars that you can spend on a well-deserved gift for yourself.

Check out the complete infographic below.

Shopping Infographic: The Best Days to Go Shopping this Holiday

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