Best Prom Jewelry on a Budget: Reader Advice

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Prom dresses are easy to find, but great accessories? That’s a little harder. Most girls don’t want to—or simply can’t—spend big bucks on sparkling baubles they may never wear again, no matter how pretty they may be. So once she’s found the perfect dress, where does a girl go to find the perfect accent pieces without chipping away at the college fund?

Pictured: A super-budget rhinestone bracelet, $8.80, Forever21

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  • CaitlinV

    Keep the receipts and return it afterwards! Ha ha, kidding. I’d recommend eBay, flea markets and yardsales for fun, old, costume jewelry and places like Forever 21, Marshalls, TJ Maxx and H&M;for affordable jewelry. If you are a crafty person, definitely think about making your own and be creative! That old rhinestone pin or belt buckle can be glue-gunned onto a barrette to make a pretty hair accent. Craft and fabric stores sell a lot of trims that can be turned into bracelets etc. Also, don’t underestimate how beautiful your unadorned neck or arms can look against your gown 🙂