Best Nail Polish Under $10: Reader Advice

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If you spend a buck on nail polish, you’re going to get what you pay for. But even spending more doesn’t always guarantee a decent finish that’ll hold up—and there’s nothing that’ll kill your style vibe quicker than busted up polish. We’ve always had good luck with OPI, which can be had for less than $10 (like here on, and generally lives up to its salon reputation. But what are your picks for best polish under $10 (especially ones you can get at the corner drug store)?

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  • eliza

    in australia opi costs $20!!!! WHY?

  • Meghan

    Yes, there are designer polishes out there that cost well over ten dollars. Mostly because people with a lot of money tend to be careless with it and develop a thing called snobbery. The snobbery leads them to believe that because something costs more money it MUST be sooo much better than anything reasonably priced. For some things, this might be true. But for items such as nail polish, the whole snobbery theory is textbook ridiculous. I get bored of my nailpolish after a few days so I don’t need to buy a kind that costs thirty dollars and will last for … What… Thirty days? When it comes to my nails, I like cool colors, a glossy finish and a relatively easy application process. For me Complete Salon Manicure by Sally Hansen is amazing, and at roughly seven dollars at wal- mart I consider it to be a bit of a splurge! Honestly, people, I love nail polish- but you really don’t need to break the bank to give yourself a gorgeous manicure. Be smart! Don’t buy stuff just because it is expensive. They only want you to THINK it’s better!!

  • Michelle

    There are nail polishes that cost more than $10!!! I’m outraged.  I’m a fan of essie.  For some reason I can always find it at DSW near the checkout for about $4.

  • coastergirl1

    I favor OPI most of the time, but Sally Hansen Diamond series has good longevity and can be had in the $4 range in most stores. With OPI and a coat of clear Sally Hansen hardener over it, I generally get two weeks out of my polish before I need to strip and redo.

  • teamgingerbread

    I’m pretty into the Revlon nail polish line. They only offer really classic colours from what I’ve seen, so if you’re not into pinks and reds, it’s not for you but it lasts a pretty long time for $4 polish

  • Eilyd

    Sinful Colors at Walgreens is only $2 for a good-sized bottle, and it comes in oodles of great colors.  On its own, the polish chips after about a day, but a layer of Sally Hansen nail hardener solves that (I’ve had one color stay on my toes for two weeks).