Beauty Advice: Best Facial Masks

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Dear Budget Fashionista,

What is the best budget facial mask from a store or DIY at home for smoothing skin?

Answer:Store: Definitely Queen Helena Mud Masks are the best, at a great price! (under $4). I’m sure readers also have their favorites (feel free to post them below)

At Home:
Oatmeal facial scrub. Mix Oatmeal, water, and a bit honey until it forms a sticky paste. Scrub it onto your face and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Rinse. Your skin will be smoother and softer (and you can eat the leftover mix)

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  • liggy

    I found using baking soda works really well as an exfoliant and leaves your skin baby soft. You just mix a little with enough water to make a paste and then rub into your face and body. It works great and is so cheap.

  • Kirsten

    Just went to CVS last night and bought my favorite Queen Helene product: the Mint Julep mask. I think it was all of $3.99 and works wonders on my face. LOVE IT.

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