Best T-Shirts on a Budget: Reader Advice

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Ahh, looking ahead to summer—a time for laid back fashion at it

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  • JudyO

    J.Jill has cute tees in a wide variety of different styles and colors.

  • toodles865

    if you like American Apparel and are in the LA area try the American Apparel community store. i think its downtown? I hear prices are 20-30% off but I’ve yet to check it out myself!

  • KBAM

    I like the Mossimo shirts from Target.  They come in different cuts and fabric blends, but the ones I like are fitted and have a clingy-er sort of fabric—I think it’s a cotton/spandex blend.  They also wash up pretty well, although I never put them in the dryer, so that may be why they last forever.

  • lapristine

    My body is an hourglass and I’ve never found a T-shirt that is actually flattering. I’d be interested to hear what other curvy fashionistas do, in regards to T-shirts.

  • auroraskye

    Target for me.. But I like a lot of things from Target, period. To me they are one of the highest quality ‘cheap’ places to buy fashions of any type. I am not actually a huge fan of Old Navy, I think their quality is poor, and Target is better. The fit of Old Navy clothes are strange too. Surprisingly, I was in WalMart for something, I don’t know, and I picked up a couple of racer back tank tops for like five bucks each and so far they are great, the fit is fabulous! I wouldn’t have expected it.

  • thewindcries

    Of course, I gotta go with Old Navy on this one.

  • thewavelife

    lapristine- I’m with you on the hourglass. I am busty as well and my favorite t-shirts are from Hurley. They are plenty long and fit me well in all the important places. 😉 I am a surfer though, so take that into account.

  • peachy_sweet

    I love American Appearal tees. I love their clothes point blank period. So comfy, it feels like you are in your significant other’s shirt, but with a better fit…lol.

  • CaitlinV

    I’m really not a t-shirt girl (I’m busty and I feel like they’re not so flattering)but for “classic” crewneck t-shirts I think American Apparel is the best. I love mens Hanes white undershirts too (though I do NOT like the misogynist name they’re known by!). I wear them when I work out but they can look pretty sexy too!