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Smartphone shopping for makeup discounts online
Smartphone shopping for makeup discounts online

This post was last updated in December of 2018.

The web can be a great place to find deals on your favorite beauty products. Unlike a make-up counter, you can shop and explore sites without the added pressure to buy an item. Popular beauty companies like Prescriptives and Lancome have web sites that offer free or reduced-cost shipping and free sample products for customers.

Here are some of my favorite beauty sites:

One-Stop Shop

For all-in-one basic shopping, CVS is comprehensive, easy to navigate and offers free shipping on purchases over $35.

For Your Pick of Beauty Products brings a selection of quality products from its chain of east coast spas directly to you. has an “As Seen In” section, where you can make purchases based on the recommendations of your favorite magazine editors. offers permanently discounted beauty and hair supplies. The website is not as well organized as some others, but the assortment makes the confusion worthwhile.

For Alternative Products is the oldest apothecary in America. offers wonderful self-made bath and body products. The site also features great sets to give as gifts. offers quality products, largely made of all-natural ingredients.

And offers organic products that look good enough to eat!

To smell your very best, check out a comprehensive site with over 5,000 fragrances. This site also offers free shipping, free gift-wrapping, and samples with every purchase. keeps you up-to-date with the latest trends in fragrance, and the site also offers a lot of products in trial size.

Got a beauty site you would like to recommend? Add to the comment section below.

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    Catherine Brock

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    Blog Comments

    I want to recommend Spiral Haircase to your list of online beauty stores. Huge selection of all the great salon products!

    I’d also like to recommend KAZAM Natural Body Care
    indulgent products, to delight your senses and soothe your body. Only the finest ingredients nature has to offer goes into the making of their products.
    Available at:

    I would like to recommend a great website that I have found that has great deals and a fantastic selection of beauty products and fragrances.  I heard about it through Loulou magazine (Canadian fashion magazine similar to Lucky).
    Items are listed at discount of 25-50% and include products from mac, Lancome, benefit etc…. too many deals to list! Check it out!

    Fabulous site.  I especially love the public rating system. is my favorite site for designer fragrances.  They sell the huge department store’tester’ bottles for a deep discount. I bought a 3.5 ounce bottle of D&G Light Blue for $35!!  As you know, the 1 ounce bottle of this can cost $35-50!!

    I LOVE as a great resource for artisan soaps and lotions.  Made from natural ingredients, the products change seasonally and are animal-friendly.  The orange hazlenut body scrub smells incredible and the ‘Naked Man’ soap is a great basic for every day.  If you are ever in the Rehobeth, DE area, you can even take a tour and watch how they make the soap.  Your biggest problem will be deciding what soap to use each day…………………

    Just wanted to share this link with you as i found original top brand fragrances here at incredible prices!

    This is an incredible product to help hide gray hair between those expensive colorings.  Colormark

    Found an awesome beauty site that has a coupon for 15% off code is “SHOPETC” website is www.

    Before you do any of this beauty shopping, I find an indispensable resource. There are thousands of ratings and reviews of all sorts of makeup/hair/skin products from consumers. I find it to be pretty handy when ordering online and want feedback about colors. LOVE IT!

    I recommend Crema Fiore Bath and Body Products. Super prices on a full line of products. Very high quality ingredients. Try the lip balm, the shea butter cream and the body lotion. They are excellent. You can get the lotion in over 60 fragrances and it is the silkest lotion out there! The products can only be found at

    Great beauty sites!

    Because I enjoy your newsletter and your website I offer a small suggestion to keep it reading well and free of any jarring grammar faux pas like “Dee and I’s.”

    “Here are some favorite sites of my friend Dee and me….” or “My friend Dee and I have some favorite websites.  Here they are:…”

    Your newsletter has excellent information; correct grammar just adds to the “intellectual beauty.”  🙂  In English, personal pronouns do not have possessives; i.e., no I’s, me’s, you’s, etc.  You always have to rearrange the sentence to make the personal pronoun or the noun and pronoun combination either the subject of the sentence (“Dee and I….”) or the object of the preposition (favorite websites of Dee and me…”)

    In exchange for all your fine fashion and beauty advice …. best wishes.

    Thx for all the great sites!

    Oooh! Is Beauty on the list yet? I love how they discuss the ingredients and they are so honest with their reviews!

    Thank you for letting these girls know that grammar is so important. Since you have free time to write a blog, perhaps an english course or two would be helpful. xoxoxoxo

    Wow!!! I feel challenged…. I have a young site that is less than 3 months old.
    Thanks for the information.

    I recommend i found them last christmas. they have my favorite beautybrands for cheap.

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