Shake Your Beauty: Natural Beauty Looks for Fall

For Your Hair

Ask for Honey Highlights & Lowlights

Honey Highlights and Lowlights
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/ Rex USA for InStyle Magazine

It’s all about the honey, honey. If you are a bleached blonde, go for a warmer look this fall by asking your stylist for chunky, honey toned lowlights. Or, if you are a deep brunette, brighten your face with some honey colored highlights. The color adds depth and character to your hair color.

Create a Loose Braid

Loose Braids Credit: Glamour Magazine, Model: Malena Costa

This fall’s hairstyles allow us to have a more laid back approach to our daily appearance. Long locks tossed in a messy bun or tied in a long braid are perfect for the natural, relaxed look that we’re striving for this season.

For Your Lips and Cheeks

Try Natural Tinted Gloss

Tinted Gloss

Photo Credit: CoverGirl

Tinted lip glosses like CoverGirl’s Nature Luxe line are perfect for the fall because they have the moisturizing qualities of lipstick coupled with the sheen of gloss. To find the perfect tinted gloss for this fall, focus on healthy lips by checking for a high spf and natural ingredients.

Think Pink

Think Pink

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Pink cheeks are the go to look this fall. A touch of blush mixed with other trends this season like light metallic eye shadow and long lashes exude health and wellness.

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