Beauty Secrets for Dried Out Winter Skin

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Whether you live on the frozen East Coast or the brisk and beachy West, dealing with the cold weather requires more than just warmer clothes. Whipping winds and subzero temperatures are a guaranteed recipe to dry you out. And, frankly speaking, dried out skin looks icky and feels worse. Skip all that and try our favorite winter beauty secrets for revived, replenished skin–even as the temperatures dip.

Head to toe, these rich formulations bring your exterior back to life, so you’re left feeling like your best self throughout the most wonderful time of the year. Stock these winter must-haves in your beauty cabinet, and friends and family will be dying to know your winter weather beauty secrets.

Cuticle Oil

Cuticle Oil, $5.21,

Recovery Face Mask

Paula’s Choice Hydrating Mask, $21,

Cold weather can wreak absolute havoc on already dry skin. This hydrating mask from Paula’s Choice helps to repair cold and wind chapped skin. It also locks in moisture, for extra protection you need to feel comfortable heading out in brisk temps again.

Healing Cream

Aquaphor Healing Ointment, $14.29,

When things get seriously dry, moisturizers that double as healing ointments will save the day. Aquaphor provides a hydrating and protective layer to skin seeking more moisture, particularly those areas exposed to harsh elements.

Pampering Foot Cream





Atopalm Moisturizing Foot Balm, $16.99,

Prep soles for long hours spent shoved in your rough and tumble boots with a pampering foot cream. Not just for your at-home pedicure, indulging your toes in a little R&R will keep them in great shape even after you peel off rain or snow-soaked socks.

Hydrating Hair Treatment

Neutrogena Hair Mask, $7.79,

Even if you’re donning quite a few caps during winter months, your tresses are likely to take a beating during the col season. A hydrating hair treatment provides a protective layer to your strands and helps dry and brittle locks. The added moisture will guarantee your ‘do is up to snuff for party snaps over the holidays and New Year.

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