Be a Bathing (Suit) Beauty with these Fab Finds

Summer will be here before we know it and unless we’ve been living on another planet, lots of stores have been dropping the “time to get a bathing suit” hint, right?  It’s all we see as soon as we enter, so we’ll take it as our cue to stock up on suits while the styles we like (at the prices we want) are still around.

If you’re like me, it’s tough to find the right bathing suit.  It should be fun and flattering . . . not always an easy mix to find.  I know that when I was shopping for plus size bathing suits in the past, they didn’t always cut it in the cute style department.  Even today, some don’t have the right look or fit.  Other stores, plus size or not, have amazing finds in every size imaginable but unfortunately, not for every budget imaginable.  Sigh.  Well, TBF to the rescue!

Awesome Bathing Suits 2014 Finds for All Body Types

We found a few that’ll turn you into a bathing suit beauty in no time, no matter what your body type.  From pretty pansy-covered suits to a  polk-a-dot swimdress, we’ve um, got you covered.

Take a look, then go ahead and book that pool or ocean-side vacay!

What bathing suits here are your favorites?



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